Hailing from a creative family with his brother playing in a heavy metal band, his mother being a dancer & successful entrepreneur and a songstress as a sister. His mum would play everything from Motown Classics to The Lighthouse Family on their stereo at home, but he found interest in isolating himself in his room studying the likes of Ghetts, Dot Rotten, and Eminem. Little did Charlie know, these were the influences that have shaped his sound today.

Solitude has birthed what we know today as Charlie Trees, an artist sure of themselves and their direction both creatively and personally. His time spent at university studying music production and engineering developed his independence, spending hours on end honing his sound through learning to produce for himself as well as collaborating with production and engineering duo Yrk Rd. Now after years spent discovering himself, the powers Charlie Trees now possesses has put his musical identity in a lane of his own - Grime bap. Love for his solitude and being at one with the elements is a common theme with each project, song and introspective lyric. Each individual that listens begins a journey of self-awakening of their own and this is only the start of Charlie Trees’ journey.

Gravesend, Kent