A veteran of the psychedelic scene in Montreal. DJ since 1985, Adityo has participated in the creation of the mouvement rave and Goa in Montreal. He has created, in the 90’s, the first outdoor goa party just west of Montreal that was called Goa/Chill and has participated in making Wavelenth at Le Baron Rouge. Wavelenth was produced by L.O.S.T. collective and RUSH production.
He spins psy,goa, progressive trance, psytech and techno as well as melodic house/techno, progressive house and afrohouse. In the chillout space he will spins a blend of dub, minimal, electronica and psybient .
“Depending on the party and the crowd, we should have much fun dancing or listening to different beats and tracks. Peace and we see each other at the next party!” - DJ Adityo

Linkou, Taiwan