Dj Burlak - Dj, Producer, Label Boss. In the beginning to play behind the desk, was like a hobby.
Then several years later the love of music turned his passion into a profession.
What’s leading him is the desire to show his different vision of music.
He was taking inspiration from soul/jazz/funk/disco/ music and his own style was formed - House / Deep House/ Tech House .
His positive point of view of life can always be felt in the music he selects to play and produces. 
In 2009 he starts his radio show- “Music Horizons” in the biggest online Bulgarian radio for electronic music: / Soundcloud Vibes Radio Station 
He also created a live music house project with the vocalist Kristina Nova /New Wave Project/:
In his Dj Set he is always chooses a huge amount of exclusive music, its his own edits and remixes,
unreleased tracks, and that's for one purpose - the audience.
He always looks for the individuality that distinguishes him.
DJ Burlak represents limitless source of inspiration and desire to always improve his work in every following music project, collaboration or remix.
He always strives for perfection. 

Starting his career as a producer and a remixer.
He worked in collaboration with the well-known Bulgarian Vocalists and Artists including Uk Singers and Songwriters. 
He released music for : Universal Music Australia, World Up Records, Area 94, Vamos, Random Soul Recordings, Which Bottle, Epic Tones Records, Oldtown Recordings, Cat Music Romania and more …+ the most famous Bulgarian label- Monte Music.
He is owner of World Up Records > Traxsource & Beatport
Which is moving very well on the digital market.

Sofia / Bulgaria