"The funkiest therapy session you've ever been to" - Dummy Mag.

"Super Interesting!" - Laurent Garnier.

"In a world of over saturated and sometimes monotonous electronic music, it is a beautiful moment when something truly original comes along. Such is the case with the latest offering from DJ Counselling including 3 original tracks full of lo-fi goodness and stacked with credibility" - Constant Circles.

"DJ Counselling steps up to offer a therapy session like no other, sit back, relax and put your mind at ease and you'll soon be taken on a reflective journey for the soul, who thought counselling could sound so good!" - Phonica Records.

"There's an edge, honesty and emotion about DJ Counselling's productions that really resonates with me" - Dubble D/MoodyManc

"The beat rolled heavily in the midnight hour as the crowd began to take to the floor. Curt's Jam is a gorgeous, elegant house cut with pensive thought and emotion" - The Ransom Note.

"Providing all the therapy you need through the power of sun-drenched, lo-fi beats, London producer DJ Counselling makes a welcome return with a stellar four tracker which is packed with his distinctive deep house vibes" - Data Transmission.

"Is it just me or does this time of year invite certain sounds to the fore. That kind of drawn to the beach scenario where sunshine grooves stroll around so easily, richly atmospheric yet pointing towards the invitation of night-time. The excellently named DJ Counselling sequences a positive expanse of sounds, feeling musical and pounding, as grainy beats plus filtered keys all enhance that magic formula" - Magazine Sixty.

“One With The Sun is an atmospheric journey to a carefree summery vibe, Smooth and relaxing guitar licks combined with a bumping energising beat - an easy recipe to effortlessly grooving through the sticky summer days into refreshing night dancing" - Delayed.