“Hello guys! I'm Phari.”
I'm a boy, born in 1995. I always thought that music and I were born at the same time, or
even together!
Since I was a boy, I played with the first thing I had in my hand, so you can imagine what a mess! The passion of the dj was born at 14, I saw a friend of my sister doing strange things with these "things", called turntables and mixers; pretty cool! And so, I started to undertake this adventure!
Now I won't tell you all my life, but just know that now, I'm studying sound engineering in a very qualified conservatory and over the years, so from my adolescence until today, I've released a lot of tracks that you can freely listen to everywhere! I also have some projects in progress, in the head and in the future.

I don't like talking about my story very much, just know that I love music since I was little, I was part of many musical projects and I directed a festival in my city.
If you want to know me better, you can follow me on all the social networks!
Be Different!
With love, Stefano Fabbro (Phari)