Colombian dj/producer
His career started at age 17 as a dj crossover (Latin music), over time he leaned towards electronic music, especially House and Tech House genres, mainly influenced by the music of Erick Morillo, Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and many others of the time. From 2019 he began to explore production, and in 2020 he manages to sign his EP "Energy" and "Let's Go" with the label "Check in Recordings"("Vamos Music" sublabel - Rio de la Duna), also his EP "Can You Hear That" and "Ex Human" with the label "Bedroom Muzik" (Dj Wady), his single "That Night" with the label "D2L Music" (J8man) and continues to grow.
Lover of a good groove and a strong bass, influenced by Latin sounds, good percussions and an euphoric musical style for the dance floor.

MedellĂ­n, Colombia