Lumïsade is the collaborative project from Finnish club maestros Joonas Hahmo and K-System, an illuminant blast of Balearic bliss that's lighting up the dance world like a beacon of radiance, a summery burst of sunkissed Ibizan trance emanating from the furthest corners of northern Europe.

The Lumïsade vision for spine-tingling Balearic brilliance has already been previewed to the dance world scene via collaborative hits like “Ocean Drive”, “Yámana” and “Mañana”, their studio work proving so inspiring that it motivated the pair to pursue a new sound, a fresh mentality and an entirely new musical project. Lumïsade is signed to Armada Music.

"Imagine Armin van Buuren playing one of his coveted warm-up sets on the Ushuaïa rooftop, the distinct brand of deep Balearic he’s known to open parties on special occasions. Or instead, picture the darker progressive you might hear in an intimate club as the sun starts to rise at 6am. This is the sound of Lumïsade."