Michael Rhodes makes music with the intention that they sound like "open wounds". He uses vulnerability and unrestricted openness as a way to reflect common pains, shames and heartaches humans face. Allowing people to see they are never singular in their emotions. He has a strong focus on constantly using vulnerability in his work, to open and touch the heart space of the listener. He aims to establish hisself amongst the greats, and with his unique tenor voice, wide range and powerful pen, he is carving out a bold and fresh sound to do that.

The new single “Big Man” is about toxic masculinity. It talks about common masculine, hyper-masculine and enforced traits boys and men tend to have, e.g. pride, lack of emotion, the need to display unyielding strength, repression of feelings, anger etc. These traits often get in the way of most boys and men living fuller and truer existences as human beings. Usually, the justification for harbouring such traits is linked to “being a man” or “that’s what men do”.

Through his influences of blues, negro spirituals, gospel and pop music Michael Rhodes offers a fresh sound to the industry. With a unique tenor voice and wide range, delicious harmonies and background vocals, organic instrumentation, catchy arrangements and catchy lyrics. Michael Rhodes is well on his way to make himself known as a new and very exciting artist that is set apart from his contemporaries (Sam Smith, Lewis Capaldi, Dermot Kennedy, Jacob Banks, Tom Grennan, Jake Isaac, Chris Stapleton, The Tesky Brothers, Lauv, Florence + the Machine, Freya Ridings, JP Saxe, Julia Michaels, Sam Fender, James Vickery, Adele).

“Big Man” is produced, arranged, and mixed by award-winning producer and pianist Zak Lloyd. Who recently was on tour with Taylor Swift on her reputation tour with Charlie XCX.

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom