PaperMacheTiger - Purveyors of contemporary house and electronic themed music based in Ibiza, comprising of DJ/producers Mick Wilson (DJ Mag) and Dylan Debut, each already having successfully crafted out a fruitful and lengthy career in the DJ and production world.
The wide-spanning influences which shape their productions are testament to their deep roots as artists. A direction to explore underground electronic house music taking in varying influences from various genres. The dance floor-ready releases look back to the classic sound of Detroit and Chicago, whilst moving ahead with the forward thinking sounds of Europe and now.
PaperMacheTiger is the latest chapter in a DJ/production career that’s seen releases on many defining labels in the dance music world, this as well as DJ performances at some of the most iconic clubs in the world is reflected in the music that is a touchstone for PaperMacheTiger's career and to an audience in search of a fresh perspective on dance music culture.

With forthcoming releases coming on Nervous Records, Black Riot, Plastic City, Audiophile, Martek, Whore House, Household Digital and Bosh recordings as well as remixes for Mark Reeves’s La Playa on Ibiza brand Do Not Sleep and Pangea Records it looks like 2020 will see PaperMacheTiger continue to make a huge impact on the dance music scene.