A rapper, singer/vocalist with an ever-developing sound immersed in catchy melodies and storytelling verses, Richie Gathu brings an indistinguishable sound. As far as diverse penmanship skills go, Richie is able to curate different moods with each song.
His latest single, "Company" serves as the anthem for Summer 2019 and as it continues to reach the masses, evidently it is a song which has everyone on their feet ready to dance.
"Chandeliers", "How Life Goes", and "Overdue" explore Richie's ability to craft bangers full of hard-hitting punchlines and choruses that remain in your mind long after hearing them. However, Richie's introspective songs show him at his most honest, revealing his great artistry with songs such as "Fourteen" "Wish You The Best" and "Flashy Killer$".
There is no artist in the UK with the range in style that Richie possesses and with a new album in the works, it won't be long until the world is introduced to hip-hop's next newcomer with endless stories to tell.