R.ok (Rob) started Dj’in back in 1998, soon after began promoting his own night in Liverpool called ‘Lime’ and then soon progressed to a weekly residency at the world (in)famous Garlands (Peach) and this was shortly followed by fronting his weekly radio show on Liverpool’s Juice FM
R.oK, enjoyed this time on Juice FM and at Garlands, lots fun and crazy nights playing alongside Joey Negro, Marshall Jefferson to name a select few and still one his idols to this day, Danny Rampling, which was a personal highlight
From these days, R.oK’s main advice to any aspiring DJ’s, trying to get into Radio is “Don’t play a track with swearing in it, like I did, as it doesn’t end well! But honestly, I didn’t know this wasn’t allowed, and the song only said F**k You 72 times apparently’
Take his advice, if you wish?
So as far back as 2006, R.oK decided to become an adult and set up his own successful business away from Music, but the passion and desire for Music production has never really gone away, “ever since I started playing guitar at 14 in an indie/rock band, you always have ideas popping into your head”, so thank god for us, he has decided to come back and share the groove.