“New ways new waves - Here we come from Sine Function Music.”
Sine Function Music was founded in spring 2019 by Fredy Würsch aka Noizesplitter and Fabian Ruf aka Methis.
Both artists have a passion for drum and bass music and an immense creative power. The motor behind Sine Function Music is to constantly develop, create new things and go their own ways.
Their music is of high quality, they attach importance to details, are well conceived and unique in their way. Furthermore, their music wants to be more than acoustics - it wants to interact, arouse emotions, tell a story and thus expand perception by one facet. Their music is wild and impetuous. It has an irrepressible character, is fast-paced and simply thrilling. Combined with a pinch of wit and humour, they do not always take themselves so seriously.
The basis of their music is hard work and passionate striving to achieve more. With a lot of creativity, innovative ideas and the courage to create unconventional sound designs, they want to make their contribution to the evolution of drum and bass music with Sine Function Music.