We are Brothers  Born and raised in Birmingham UK, & go by the names “ Sixteen and Jsupreme”, growing up in this “DIY Generation” era of Independent Musicians we have made a mark with our string of singles locally, & We have our sights set on big things.

Sixteen and Jsupreme are creating a positive vibe with their music with catchy hooks, bouncy baselines, & clean UK Rap bars you can play around your Grandma,  they are creating their own lane as they are inspired by some of the world’s best music.

Sixteen and Jsupreme have only been in the game for a year & have made positive moves to being recognised as Full-fledged Birmingham Artist & being featured consistently on Birmingham’s Local radios.

Sixteen and Jsupreme are releasing their project titled  “Wanna Know” with continued success, marking them out as promising new talent coming out of Birmingham right now.

At only 17 and 18, production coming from  Sixteen, & the mixing & mastering done by both Brother’s on every song they have released to date, all from their bedroom studio where they have achieved studio-quality production without a doubt.

Birmingham UK