Ashton Brooks-Ogunbayo, better known to most by his stage name SlickdotR, is a British Alternative Rap Artist & Producer who was born and raised in East London, UK.
He started his musical journey with beat production during music lessons and later joined his secondary school steel band.
Here, he was introduced to the world of Bass, Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Song Composition.
Around this time he also became heavily influenced by Grime, which was the new sound coming from London’s youth.
Combining Grime with the new wave of open and honest melodic Hip Hop emerging out of the US, he began to craft his own signature sound which you can witness today.

SlickdotR takes you on a journey through his Unkwn Universe with catchy melodies, hard-hitting/wavy production and clever lyrics that make you think twice. He takes pride in bringing his own fine tuned, emotionally driven sound to the live show with an immense stage presence. Also aiming to inspire new thoughts and perspectives in each and everyone who comes across his art.

The past 2 years has seen SlickdotR perform his music from SR2 across the UK and Europe. SR2 is the latest EP which can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms.

Previously collaborated with Three Mobile. Associated with and supported by the likes of The BBC, SBTV, GRM Daily, LinkUpTV, Reprezent FM, Pulse 88 and Westside FM. SlickdotR is sure to be one to watch.