Beat matching is a skill which can be learnt, the art of DJ'ing is quite another entity entirely. It’s something you’ve either got or you don’t and Sonãre has got it in spades. Understanding how music can be used to create mood and influence people from an early age, DJ’ing was a natural progression. He has been a regular face on the Irish DJ circuit for longer than he cares to mention, and has become well known across the province as a talented and technically gifted individual. In an age were the art of the warm-up DJ is dying out, he is still considered one of the best. Equally suited to playing first as he is to playing last, his experience and musical knowledge shine through in his diverse sets.

Ever the consummate professional, and with one foot firmly planted on the dancefloor, he will always play for the crowd and never forgets the one reason he's there - to entertain!

Belfast, UK