Stemming from a decision to truant from a marketing role in favour of attending one of Kojey Radical's poetry workshops (2017), Tee decided that his best course of action was to take “notes from his OG’s” by picking up his camera and become their videographer. Starting with Kojey - who went on to use Tee's song 'The Start' from The Journey EP as the first song on his Spotify Artist Playlist ‘CAN I SPEAK’ (2018) -he then started the Your Journey Podcast where he interviewed Intalekt, Dualeh Oke from Jay Prince's DRMCLB collective and TINYMAN on the challenges artists face with mental health in music. Tee's penultimate act of documentation came from the opportunity to be Lil Pump's videographer as he performed to thousands in Nottingham.

After putting down the camera, Tee Peters decided that from his next single on, he would begin #WorkingSeason where for the summer long, he would release new music monthly and focus on developing himself as both a artist and as a man instead of distractions. With help from friends at the emerging Chill Hop Label Funcc., both Ugly & Growing Up (prod. Epifania and Hz.) were born and acquired national radio attention via both Jamz Supernova (BBC 1Xtra) & Leah Davis describing him as "promising" on Capital Xtra.

Recently teaming with O2 for first headline show at Peggy’s Skylight and being selected to perform for FLOHIO's emerging arts festival all in 2019 Tee is writing himself an exciting story.