*The Otherness * are a young rock collective from Comodoro Rivadavia, La Patagonia (Argentina).
"The Otherness are a highly melodic soul-rock machine, like The Beach Boys with switchblades... From a country in love with rock n roll this is a band that is telling their own truth." (John Robb, LTW, Manchester).
"Authentic, quality, passionate rock, these guys really mean it." (Chris Hawkins, presenter BBC Radio 6 Music)
“Among the most unique and exciting bands we’ve come across in ages.” (Rob Sayce, Subba-Cultcha, London)
Martin, Gonzalo and Pablo started to play together by the end of 2009. They've toured Europe and Latin America and also published their self-titled debut album in early 2018. Andy joined them on lead guitar after the last UK Tour.
Hailing from La Patagonia, "The Otherness" are aptly named. Why so? In a reversal of the British invasion tradition, where bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles enlightened North America on the bluesy US roots of Rock n Roll, The Otherness toured tirelessly in the UK two years ago, bringing their own homespun ‘other’ brand of British and European rock music back to its source with a clear message.
In the few years that they have played together, they have honed a very clear and proficient style of short, sweet and punchy tracks that usually don’t exceed three minutes.
*The Otherness toured UK and EU (Germany, Denmark, Holland) between June and September 2018 and the tour was aimed at promoting the protection, improvement and proliferation of worldwide grassroots music. The band had an extraordinary impact in both rock press and the European and British audiences. Hence, they have plans to tour UK and Europe again around April 2019, to support the upcoming new single entitled "Gotta Go".